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Lets understand loopback interface!

Long time ago, around the beginning of my career, Once I was asked about loopback interface in an interview. Today, thought of a blog came in my mind where I shall explain more about loopback interfaces and try to find why and how it exist in the networking space. So, lets begin. IANA has reserved…

Boycott bollywood! Why? What next?

Bollywood released ~170 movies in 2019 which yielded ~4,000 Crores INR in 2019. That is 21% Year to Year increase in collection when compared to ~3,300 Crores INR of 2018. ~103 Crores tickets sold in year 2019. Starting January 2019, the GST on film tickets costing over Rs 100 was reduced to 18% from 28%…

Lets understand LACP state machine using Linux bond

First, Lets bring up a linux bond with LACP (type=4). See the bond status Lets see the packet capture on one of the member interfaces So, what i am trying to explain here? These old stuff? No, ohh Wait, what i am explaining here that also old but not much discussed, so lets discuss How…

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