Lets understand loopback interface!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Long time ago, around the beginning of my career, Once I was asked about loopback interface in an interview. Today, thought of a blog came in my mind where I shall explain more about loopback interfaces and try to find why and how it exist in the networking space. So, … Continue reading Lets understand loopback interface!


Boycott bollywood! Why? What next?

Bollywood movies poster Bollywood released ~170 movies in 2019 which yielded ~4,000 Crores INR in 2019. That is 21% Year to Year increase in collection when compared to ~3,300 Crores INR of 2018. ~103 Crores tickets sold in year 2019. Starting January 2019, the GST on film tickets costing over Rs 100 was reduced to … Continue reading Boycott bollywood! Why? What next?


Lets understand LACP state machine using Linux bond

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com First, Lets bring up a linux bond with LACP (type=4). Server side config: nmcli con add type bond con-name bond0 ifname bond0 mode 802.3ad ip4 nmcli con mod id bond0 bond.options mode=802.3ad,lacp_rate=slow nmcli con add type bond-slave ifname enp4s0f0 con-name enp4s0f0 master bond0 nmcli con add type bond-slave … Continue reading Lets understand LACP state machine using Linux bond

The basics of connection tracking and offload

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Pexels.com In this blog, i will explain the basics of connection tracking in form of FAQs. A. Connection tracking maintains the state of the connection? Ok, What does it mean?  There are lots of packets coming-in and going-out of a system connected to the network. Admin knows that. But what … Continue reading The basics of connection tracking and offload

Measuring Geneve Tunnel Throughput for Hardware-Accelerated DataPath with OVN!!

Along with my co-presenter, I am explaining the way to avoid ovn gateway and directly establishing communication with DUT to stress DUT at line rate with Geneve packets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE4ADKq96G0&list=PLaJlRa-xItwARDGAUp7lXviOgOhcRxSU-&index=8  Presented at OVSCon 2021 Fall

Timemaster, Openstack and vRAN

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com Recently released Red hat openstack platform 16.2 introduced a tech preview integration feature called timemaster service. Time synchronization is one of the vital piece for vRAN infrastructure (explained towards the end of the blog) and timemaster provides HA between PTP (Precision time protocol) and chrony (NTP based) time services. … Continue reading Timemaster, Openstack and vRAN

How to hijack country’s sovereignty…digitally!

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com Since last US election, I am seeing lots of concerning news related to twitter, About Twitter's policies at various occasions, reactions on various Govt's policies, All in name of "Freedom of Expression" (selective Freedom of expressions!) Below are few headlines, read before we start, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad … Continue reading How to hijack country’s sovereignty…digitally!

Lets understand OpenVPN !

VPN is not a new concept and almost everyone working with IT or ITES sectors are aware of it. However, Today's pandemic situation have taken VPN concepts beyond IT folks. For example, People working in Financial institutions, Bank employees who are working from home, use it today to connect to their company's IT resources over … Continue reading Lets understand OpenVPN !

Monopoly of play stores and how open source can help to break it!

In App store business, Google and Apple enjoy the absolute monopoly And Monopoly is unhealthy for competition. I would highlight a few reasons here How to break giants's monopoly and not let abuse the competition.  Recently, Paytm was briefly banned in Google play store citing the reasons of violating Google play store terms. Paytm is … Continue reading Monopoly of play stores and how open source can help to break it!

Whats(App) the fuss about??

So, there have been calls now to ban WhatsApp in india. Few of my friends already moved to other messenger platforms and Reason, Newly updated WhatsApp policy. They said that it infringes to Users privacy as new policy sees sharing more user data to parent Facebook. Obviously, I am too concern about my Privacy and … Continue reading Whats(App) the fuss about??