Boycott bollywood! Why? What next?

Bollywood movies poster Bollywood released ~170 movies in 2019 which yielded ~4,000 Crores INR in 2019. That is 21% Year to Year increase in collection when compared to ~3,300 Crores INR of 2018. ~103 Crores tickets sold in year 2019. Starting January 2019, the GST on film tickets costing over Rs 100 was reduced to … Continue reading Boycott bollywood! Why? What next?

How to hijack country’s sovereignty…digitally!

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com Since last US election, I am seeing lots of concerning news related to twitter, About Twitter's policies at various occasions, reactions on various Govt's policies, All in name of "Freedom of Expression" (selective Freedom of expressions!) Below are few headlines, read before we start, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad … Continue reading How to hijack country’s sovereignty…digitally!

Monopoly of play stores and how open source can help to break it!

In App store business, Google and Apple enjoy the absolute monopoly And Monopoly is unhealthy for competition. I would highlight a few reasons here How to break giants's monopoly and not let abuse the competition.  Recently, Paytm was briefly banned in Google play store citing the reasons of violating Google play store terms. Paytm is … Continue reading Monopoly of play stores and how open source can help to break it!

Whats(App) the fuss about??

So, there have been calls now to ban WhatsApp in india. Few of my friends already moved to other messenger platforms and Reason, Newly updated WhatsApp policy. They said that it infringes to Users privacy as new policy sees sharing more user data to parent Facebook. Obviously, I am too concern about my Privacy and … Continue reading Whats(App) the fuss about??

Dietitians don’t tell this!!

My desire for food is unsating. And so as its side effects. The ruthless tongue is uncontrollable and Poor tummy is its favorite victim. Luckily digestion system is still holding the fort for taste buds. But, Personality is at the risk now. I didn't choose to visit a dietitian or gym instructor to get back … Continue reading Dietitians don’t tell this!!

Point based dynamic vote valuation system!!

Problem: In today’s voting system, each cast vote’s value is considered as 1 single vote. This system has led us to a problem which our country is facing today and also to some extent discouraging the people to vote.Let’s take an example.Person A is very honest, nationalist and in all manners, a true soldier fighting … Continue reading Point based dynamic vote valuation system!!

Technology innovations and Indian Education system!!!

Recently, while attending very highly technical event, I came across some interesting statistics.China filed whopping number of patents being 293066, 415829, 535313 in Years of 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively.  Total of 2,397,843 filed during 1998 to 2012. Out of these, 6.46% makes it to 154900 filed in Compute technology areas. India’s statistics for similar period looks … Continue reading Technology innovations and Indian Education system!!!

Shoot the aim!! NaMo and 2014 election

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com I too have ambitions, plans to accomplish them but then let’s pause for some time and analyze NaMo's success it teaches something. Have we ever realized that our day to day work be it studying of aspiring student or programming of  a prolific coder, can be a greatest show case … Continue reading Shoot the aim!! NaMo and 2014 election