Shoot the aim!! NaMo and 2014 election

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I too have ambitions, plans to accomplish them but then let’s pause for some time and analyze NaMo’s success it teaches something. Have we ever realized that our day to day work be it studying of aspiring student or programming of  a prolific coder, can be a greatest show case of our skills!!! Yes, NaMo exhibited that.

The historic 2014 general election and its as historic and solid verdict are going to be deciding turning point for India’s future for various reasons.Being it a clear mandate to one party or a hi-tech, aggressive, innovative way of campaigning or its speculative broadcast coverage but success of one man who alone fought it all the way and proved his mettle, stands out.Matters much to me is a man having ambition of the highest post of the government of a country having 120 crores people, 81 crores eligible voters, 30 states and achieving it, Amazing, isn’t’ it?

From the gloomy circumstance of the state Gujarat to a much talked development model of state Gujarat, what was it, It was exhibiting of NaMo’s skillset of Development which he pitched very hard in the election campaigning, fortunately this was one of the favoring factors for him where ruling Govt. dusted.

Take your regular work positively; Try to do it in unique & innovative way. It is your job and the way your perform it, you are gonna looked into the way, Remember it. It happens that your current work may not be exciting to you, and then try to do something else which excites you.Every problem cannot have same solution or one yardstick for all measurements. True!!! Then the each problem would you see in your way towards aim requires different remedies. Solve one problem at one time, can’t have single solution to all. That’s How NaMo did it!!! Country with such varsities cannot have single agenda to please. He used development agenda where it has target audience as he campaigned in Cosmo metro cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. He emphasized to state level issues where it can help him like article 307 in Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra bifurcation in telangana, He used his media created controversial yet decisive personality where people likes him as  in Gujarat Rajasthan, critical state Uttar Pradesh, played Hindutava card in UP very smartly, did you ever notice it???  Brought allies where he alone can’t win like did in Tamilnadu.

These teach that all bugs cannot be fixed with one code change. Multiple effective, well measured patches needed. Other side looked at is, to know your strength and weakness. Wherever you are strong try to gain maximum and in weaker zone apply smart fix.NaMo would have been any ordinary politician in such a competitive field of Indian politics but what apart him is his love to technology. 2014 election saw not just a stereotype traditional election but a sky high use of technology. From its 3D speeches performance to social e-infrastructure with Facebook, twitter, whatsup.  I am amazed; actually, he used it as tool to reach those 10 crores young new votes whose major time belongs to social networking. He reached to them effectively, presented and behaved as if he is the only remedy in this gloomy environment. It worked.

Always keep yourself up to date with technology & its evolution. They are much effective & striking tool. Use it as effective as NaMo did to accomplish his goal.In 2014 campaigning, a thing, very small yet very eye catching and impressive thing NaMo did, He dressed up his kurtas with his party’s symbol “Lotus” at chest. Though it is very small but at the end people are going to vote on that symbol only. Such projection of party symbol was unique and innovative. Though it did one more job. He made candidate name irrelevant!!! Such a small thing but high returns!!!

We could use this as well. How??? Remember your work achievement is your greatest show case though improper marketing/projecting of such hurts you. If it is a show case, show it everywhere. Talk about it everywhere, demonstrate it everywhere. People may forget your name but will keep demonstrated things in mind.. will reach you. It happened to me. In my childhood, there was one fun fair organized near to my area, i saw a magician doing tricks and one of them was, saw cutting his body in two parts. It was thrilling experience. Today i am confused with his name but i still remember what he demonstrated.

Often we mistime the milestone or target which result in either partial or complete failure. NaMo’s prime minister ambition is not cultivation of one good day. He recognized this opportunity in 2009 general election when some murmur started in his favor. But it was untimed. It was 2012 Gujarat state election when he proved his candidacy and slowly started building a ship. By July 2013 only that ship looked like savior of his party. First hurdle crossed, task accomplished. He was nominated as a prime minister candidate by his party.We need back ground preparation. Identify hurdle points and right time to hit them. Sometime in hurry we just jump in the battle with half armor just to lose it. Again NaMo teaches use here.
Competitor…Whatever aim your put, you are never gonna be lone in that race. Not only yours, but have to know the strength and weakness of your opponents to defect them. NaMo always knew who his opponent is. He always attacked then prime minister, main opposition party president and vice president. Those are the prime campaigner for India’s grand old and broadest reach party. He scored over “in activeness” of then prime minister and how prime minister puppet of his party’s high command. He created feeling among the people’s mind that country can’t run as puppet show and needs decisiveness like his.Always remember, Tough competition is not just because of its rule sets but participator involved in. A FIFA World cup is greatest competition because of its participators & their highest level of preparedness. Get maximum understanding of opposition and their strong & weak zones, game sometimes become easy to win. Scoring over their weak zone and losing marginal over ours, makes you winner only.
And finally, hard work. The amount of hard work NaMo put behind his ambition is tremendous. None of above would have ever worked unless he had shown massive, marathon campaign. Over 3000+ KM traveled, 185 rallies, 295 constituencies covered show only his persuasiveness for goal.

We too need this critical element in our planning. Execution which matters most and first steps towards it to start putting effort for it. Work hard!! No alternative.
I might have missed or forgot many such inspiring things here and these may not be the only contributing factors in NaMo’s 2014 win, but of course they these teach us great lesson. I am not praising NaMo here but a successful person who successfully achieved his goals.

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