Dietitians don’t tell this!!

My desire for food is unsating. And so as its side effects. The ruthless tongue is uncontrollable and Poor tummy is its favorite victim. Luckily digestion system is still holding the fort for taste buds. But, Personality is at the risk now.

I didn’t choose to visit a dietitian or gym instructor to get back into the shape. Off course, I don’t like to follow the rules framed by others and that too applicable only on me. Started a interesting journey and phase in my life. Went all over the net, read many health care websites, articles, consulted gym enthusiast body builders and obviously Oldies. Old people like my grand mother lived a fantastic healthy life. She didn’t complained about health much in her entire life. Their life style and food habits were golden rules to me. Off course they were much more immune from food alteration that we are seeing now in the market plus physical exercises were part of routine life and not called “Work Out”.

So, back to me now.. I developed a chart for myself now. These are very very tiny small tips and didn’t forced me to change my life style much yet worked for me.  Sharing now….

  • Break your daily Intake in multiple parts. Like, develop a habit to eat something at every 2 hours than finishing entire dinner or lunch in one shot. This worked amazingly. I never felt stuffed, body movements were swift. Also, I observed mind remains more active. However, this rule is difficult to follow if your job requires travelling or not fixed at one place.
  • Multiple Intakes give an opportunity to balance your diet. i.e. Fruits, Salads, Dry fruits, juices, shakes can be adjusted in daily routine. Also, it helps fulfill needs like Protein, carbohydrates, Vitamins etc.
  • Have a daily exercise for 1 hours. I used to play a badminton few days, zumba sometimes (obviously at home :-)) or sometime gym exercises (push up, crunches but not heavy weights). 
  • Drink warm water only. Through out all the day, water I consumed was warm. Big NO to COLD water. if warm is not available, normal temperature one is also good. 
  • Don’t drink water in one sip. Yes, drink water too in multiple Intake. This keeps you thirsty and you don’t realize but you will drink more water than your earlier routine. 
  • Drink stomach full warm water once you are out of bed and first before anything else. 
  • Eat piece of Ginger or spoon of Honey every morning once stomach full warm water is done. This helps immensely to improve immune system. Don’t forget, along with to remain fit, we need to remain healthy as well. 
  • No deep fried foods. This one is killer. Hard to follow but worth trying.
  • No alcoholic or soft drinks. I don’t need to explain any reason here. 
  • Replace sugar with Jaggery. Jaggery is very powerful source of instant energy and harmless.

That’s all. No more rules Hurrey… 

This is what i followed and really worked (believe only when wife says so :-)) for me. I am an engineer and medical science beyond my limited brain power. So, cant explain the WHY behind all these rules. Yeah engineers can become a dietitian and throw all that Gyans But Dietitian cant become engineer. 

Things will work till all its required parameters are in order. Once stopped, results too. Make it 3 months course or permanent routine, result follows accordingly.

Just sharing my experience. Follow on your Risk :-).

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