Point based dynamic vote valuation system!!


In today’s voting system, each cast vote’s value is considered as 1 single vote. This system has led us to a problem which our country is facing today and also to some extent discouraging the people to vote.Let’s take an example.Person A is very honest, nationalist and in all manners, a true soldier fighting towards building a great nation. Person B is a finance fraud/offender and out on bail. These both persons can cast their votes and choose their MP, MLA or any electoral representative of their area.  Now, when Person A chooses Candidate A which he thinks is right choice to represent him and casts his vote in favor of Candidate A. Person B chooses Candidate B as per his thinking and cast his vote in favor of Candidate B. Now, at the end of the day, we see Tie between Candidates and it goes to a 3rd Voter to decide winner/representative.Here, it is disappointing to see a Person A whose credentials are far better than that of Person B but when it comes to his representative, his share of vote value considered equal to that of Person B. Our country today faces this critical issue. We have seen how votes are being manipulated or calculated during elections!!! Are we really electing a person who can help us in building a nation we want, Understands & Solves our problems? Answer is Yes, We are. But, other side Lets us down as we are in the end is Just 1 Vote.  My honest vote gets rationalized by person behind me who is criminal.  Don’t you think who hide income, broke numerous laws, nuisance on roads, social/economical offender, corrupt, harassed foreign tourists are considered as equal as noble/responsible/alert citizen is fair? No, they are not equal especially when nation matters.However the big question remains how will you Identify/Decide a Vote caster is nationalist or anti nationalist? How will you calculate points out of it and decide vote values?

Digitization. Yes India is going to Digital way. All we have a number, A Digital identity (Aadhar UUID). It is great source for identifying a nationalist or anti nationalist. What It means whenever I commit any anti national (Harassing foreign tourist), my unique ID would be mentioned in that crime report and then let action happen as per law book.For Example, if I hide my income and later found guilty, I can be booked under certain laws and laws take actions on me either by police or relative government organization. With this, either in FIR or any legal offender report, along with my name, my unique id would also be written.Now, Election Commission can calculate certain points (Positive or Negative) against those committed offences or Responsible Acts (Like when I Opted for #GiveItup A government initiative).Consider this,Initially 1 Vote = 100 points Now as per my offence/Responsible Acts keep deducting/Adding points to my vote.  The night before my Vote, EC can query my UUID to all Government agencies (Which EC had considered for vote value) and calculate my vote value. If my vote value comes around 0.47 (Least is 0 it means such person’s vote does not matter to nation), it should be added in final tally for deciding Winning candidate.Such a rating can be evaluated on time basis as well. Like Today Government has subsidy scheme for LGP cylinder and if we opt for it, my subsidy would be used for another needy one, Noble cause. EC can introduce Positive rate for this cause. Or If some offense required very high rate, it can be increased from its earlier lower rate as well.


1)      I know my say on my nation building.

2)      Encourage me in participating in more Govt. welfare scheme to get positive rate. It is encouraging that, EC acknowledges that my honest & noble efforts are not in vain and considered.

3)      No biased & unfair election on candidates

4)      Good can rule more on the nations.


1)      Maintaining such a huge and complex data base of 81 crores valid voter is challenging.  But believe me, this is technically very feasible.

2)      What if a particular voter’s value not found?? Consider it as 1 then.

3)      It requires very tight integration between government agencies and Election commission.

4)      We must have to follow UUID with each Good/Bad of a person

5)      National level perspective set for this idea. We can granular it to gram panchayat level. But it requires further classification efforts.

One thought on “Point based dynamic vote valuation system!!

  1. With this much population and diversity in each area for this country . Parameters that qualifies each vote value is big task.

    And also if anyone is poor or say illiterate doesn’t degrate his right say in his future planning by govt .


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